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Added by Dark Hawk, 30 Jun 2017

Taking place 13 Aug 2017 (Evento Singolo Giornaliero)

Dark Hawk

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Forge World Open Day
Sunday August 13th 2017 at Warhammer World
Ticket Price £12.50
Venue and all areas open at 10am
Studio areas close at 4pm
Venue closes at 6pm


It's that time of year again – Forge World Open day is upon us! If you love all things Forge World, then this is the event for you.

At the Forge World Open Day we will have a studio area containing all the creative minds behind the fantastic Forge World products. Come along at your leisure and chat to them – maybe you wish to ask a particular question of your favourite writer, glean some painting tips or simply gaze in wonder at their latest collection – the studio area will have something for all.

As well as that we will have a sales area containing all the current Event and Warhammer World exclusive miniatures and merchandise, all the latest Forge World releases and even a few first chance to buy models. Not only that but on site there is the only Forge World store which will have all your Forge World needs.

We will have the Forge World Painting competition – enter your painted Forge World model and the amazing Forge World painters will choose their favourite to win the Forge World Best Painted award.

There will also be gaming tables available to play on – feel free to bring your armies along. We will also have a Titan battle for you to participate in – bring your own Titan (or borrow one of ours!) and engage in Titanic battles.



We will have the annual Forge World charity raffle – all proceeds go to Children In Need.