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Evento: Warhammer Expo

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Added by Dark Hawk, 06 Apr 2018

Taking place 27 Oct 2018 fine (Evento Continuativo)

Dark Hawk

On October 27th and 28th, the Warhammer Citadel is organizing a Warhammer Expo – a celebration of the world’s greatest hobby that’s designed especially for new hobbyists and those who wish to introduce their friends to the worlds of Warhammer. The Expo will be situated a stone’s throw away from the Warhammer Citadel itself – perfect if you’re looking for an excuse to visit or just want to fit more hobby into your weekend.


Attendees can look forward to painting tutorials, competitions, gaming and more, in the first event of its kind hosted anywhere in the world. Tickets will be free, but limited, and available exclusively to new players or those who have earned a “Master of Recruits” Citadel Crusader card.


You can earn your tickets at any local Warhammer or Games Workshop store in North America.