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Evento: UK Games Expo 2018

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Added by Dark Hawk, 16 Nov 2017

Taking place 01 Jun 2018 fine (Evento Continuativo)

Dark Hawk

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In 2018, Games Workshop will be helping make the UK’s biggest independent gaming exposition the best one yet, sponsoring the event and sharing the worlds of Warhammer with fans new and old from our biggest ever stall at the event.
We’ll be running demos of our games all throughout the expo, including some upcoming and unreleased projects we can’t wait to reveal. Meanwhile, if you’re a more seasoned player, you’ll be able to put your skills to the test in a range of tournaments, while a few lucky fans may even get to see some new reveals as we announce what’s next for the worlds of Warhammer – we can’t say much now, but 2017 was just the beginning….